In team CDC “Sreda”



31302 m²



The building consists of two main blocks: the shopping center (horizontal three-storey part) and offices (vertical volume from 4 to 20 floors inclusive). The total height of the building is 93.3m. The main entrances to the shopping center are located from outside the crossing of Artem street, Sadovi avenue and Postysheva street. The additional entrance is designed from Postysheva street. The floors of the center are interconnected with 4 staircases and 2 twin escalators. The escalators are located in the atrium parts of the center. The entrances to the administrative and office parts are dispersed. The entrance to the business part is located from Sadovi avenue. The height of the floors of the office part is 3.6m. Above the office part there is a technical floor. The office part has 4 panoramic elevators and 1 elevator for transporting firefighters. On the ground floor there is a parking lot of the office part (for 100 cars), as well as the stores handling, utility rooms. The designed center is located in the historical part of the city. On the territory of the design site there is a cultural monument that is a two-storey building (Postysheva street 44). The project provides the preservation of the facade of the monument followed by transfer and incorporation into the trading part of the center.